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karate naples

karate naples

Welcome to our karate family
of Southwest Florida.

What you will learn:
Self-Defense, Self-Confidence, Discipline and Respect

What you will achieve:
Mental Alertness, Mental Focus, Coordination and Increase your energy

What you will develop:
Character, Sincerity, Effort, Etiquette, Physical Fitness and Self-Control

The Minami Difference…

   ► Traditional karate-do
   ► We produce highly skilled karateka
   ► Sanctioned by the Kuniba Kai International
   ► Our Kuniba Kai affiliation means that all ranks are earned
       "Non-affiliated dojos cannot make this claim"
   ► Our students hold remarkable tournament track records
   ► Karate and Kobudo (Okinawa weapons)
   ► Personal attention and patience
   ► Our tuition is affordable
   ► Family oriented training
   ► Several convenient locations throughout Collier County
   ► Absolutely NO CONTRACTS

Through martial arts training at Minami Dojo you can expect . . .
Highly effective self-defense strategies in addition with many Japanese traditions, phrases, and terms which adds a deeper level to one's training.
We are a family that have developed lifelong and new friendships.
Come into any one of our locations for your free trial class!

karate naples

shito ryu

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