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    How to...

...make a fist

 To make a fist, start by folding the fingers so that the tips reach only to the base of the fingers. Then continue to fold the fingers inward until the tips are pressed tightly into the palm. Press the thumb firmly over the second joint of the index and middle fingers. The little finger is apt to become weak and relaxed, so it is necessary to be careful about keeping it pressed tightly against the palm.

Make a fist in Karate

    ...fold your gi

The proper way of folding the uniform (Karate Gi)
...tie your belt

Make a fist in Karate


...care for your gi

 We are often asked to share the best ways to take care of your gi to make it stay bright white and free of stains, while not causing its stitching and fibers to deteriorate. Quality gi’s are made of canvas and/or cotton and are built to withstand the rigors of karate training. If properly cared for, your gi can last for 3 – 5 years before a replacement is required. Follow these steps and your gi will give you many years of trouble free service.


► Wash your gi in hot water with a cold water rinse every time.  

► Wash your gi every time (or at least every other time) you train with it. If you don’t wash it using this schedule, bacteria from your sweat and ingredients from deodorants/anti-perspirants can lodge permanently into the fibers - becoming almost impossible to fully remove – and accelerating the decay of the fibers in your gi.

► Use either Tide with Bleach Alternative (Vivid) or Arm & Hammer with OxiClean detergents. We have found these to be the most successful at removing stains/sweat and keeping the gi fresh and bright white.

NEVER use chlorine bleach on your gi (like Clorox). Chlorine is a very harsh chemical and if you use it on your gi, prepare for your patches to fade and change color, plus the lifespan of your gi to be carved in half. Don’t do it!

► Hanging your gi to air dry is ideal, but it does take an extended time to dry. If this is not possible, tumble dry in a dryer on medium heat (not high). This will make drying time slightly longer but will give your gi more longevity.

► Placing your gi on a hanger, or folding it according to the ancient tradition seen above, is the best way for your gi to maintain its shape and minimize wrinkles.

► Got wrinkles? Use a steam iron on medium heat.

Make a fist in Karate
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