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Karate/Kobudo Classes

No two karate (or kobudo) classes are the same, but you will usually find many (most) of these elements included at all Minami Dojo locations....

► Class called to attention
► Class lines up in attention stance
► Kneel and meditate with deep breathing, facing the instructor (this is the time to cleanse your
   mind and focus on the task at hand)
► Bow (rei, in Japanese) to your instructor as he/she bows to you
► Warm-ups/stretching (this gets you limber, your cardio revved, and your entire body
   ready to train)
► Basics (kihons, in Japanese) help you to perfect individual strikes, kicks, and blocks and focus on
   the little things
► Kata (translated as "forms") teaches us our self-defense. By studying the movements in kata we
   develop our kumite and takedowns and the self-defense escapes.
► Sanbon kumite (three step sparring) improves coordination and muscle memory through repetitive
   blocking then finishing with a strike
► Self-defense/takedowns trains you on how to break away from grabs or chokes and then take
   your attacker to the ground
► Jyu kumite (translated as "free sparring") is controlled fighting with protective gear
► Class lines up again in attention stance once more
► Kneel and meditate again (think about what you have learned and what you may need more
   work on)
► Bow to your instructor and all other black belts in attendance (your bows are returned)
► Class is dismissed

This tried and true training regimen is designed to create and/or improve an individuals' situational awareness, coordination, balance, reaction time, muscle memory, strength, cardio vascular stamina, ability to avoid or block punches/kicks, ability to respond with devastating punches/strikes/kicks, ability to free yourself from grabs/chokes, and ability to take your attacker to the ground and disable him.

Sometimes trends and fads are worth following...but NOT where your personal safety is concerned. Never gamble your life and well being on the latest "thing", or on "martial arts" where tumbling, gymnastics, dance, or after-school fun are part of the curriculum, or where the art was personally authored by the dojo owner, or where the art spends a large majority of their class time grappling on the floor, or where a contract is demanded. Sometimes seeking out the original - the one with the label the world has come to trust - is the right one to choose. The karate of Okinawa/Japan is the gold standard of martial arts...the one by which all others are judged.

In short, what Minami Dojo teaches is the complete, unadulterated deposit of martial art practice and wisdom by those who proved its real world effectiveness in over 400 years of use.

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