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History of Lynn Kureth and Minami Dojo

In November 1980, I began training. My Sensei was Louie Demin who taught at his Bonita Springs home. The dojo (karate studio) was a carpenter’s workroom with only a box fan for air movement. I was the youngest at his dojo at the age of 17. My formal training in Karate was in Hayashi-Ha Shito-Ryu. I earned my Shodan (Black Belt) in January 1983 under Shihan Tim Brooks and was fortunate to train with Soke Teruo Hayashi when he came over from Japan. May 1987, I was honored to successfully test for my Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt) under Soke’s watchful eye. I also trained in Soke Hayashi’s weapons system called Kenshinryu, learning Bo, Nunchaku, Tongfa, Shuriken, and Sai. My current rank is Godan (5th Degree Black Belt) in Okinawan Classical Kobudo.


In addition to karatedo, Lynn also trained in Soke Hayashi’s weapons system called “Kenshinryu”. Through this system of weapons training he learned the Bo, Nunchaku, Tongfa, Shuriken, and the Sai. Lynn’s current rank in Kenshinryu bokitsu is Nidan (2nd degree black belt).


In 1988, I began teaching at the Naples YMCA. After a one year internship, proving I had the knowledge to properly teach students, I was awarded my Sensei (teacher) certificate. In 1990, I had to give up my dojo due to work issues. I was able to return after seven years and re-certification of my Karate and Kobudo belt ranks.

My current rank is 6th Dan, Rokodan, issued by the Japan Karate-do Kurokawa Martial Association.. My Shihan License was also issued by the Kuniba Kai Shito-ryu Motobu-Ha Shito-Ryu. I was issued my Shihan (Master Instructor) license by Soke Kozo Kuniba in February 2009. I am certified with the Japan Karate Federation, the World Karate Federation and a lifetime member of the Ryu Kyu Kobudo, Teshikan.


Tested for Gondan in Kobudo on May 10, 2014 and November 1, 2014.

Tested for Rokudan in Karate-do on November 1, 2014.

Other than the many belt rank or title promotions, I have had several special achievements, during my martial arts career. August 2009, I was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame for Instructor of the Year. In 2010, I was inducted into the Hall of Heroes for the true life stories of my students and how Karate saved their lives or the lives of others. I have been able to teach at Karate seminars that were attended by karate-ka from across the nation. In addition I was privileged to teach my Kobudo in England in October 2010.

Over the years, I have earned gold, silver, and bronze medals for long weapons, short weapons, kata (pattern forms) and kumite (fighting). My students have won Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals in the Amateur Athletic Union 2009 Jr. Olympics. Recently, in 2011, at the AAU Nationals, I was awarded Gold in short weapons, Gold in long weapons, Bronze in Kata, Bronze in Kumite and ranked 9th in overall Kata (ages 16 -99).

During my martial arts studies, I have had the privilege of training with many atrial Arts Masters such as:


Soke Teruo Hayashi, 10th Dan - Shito-Ryu – Japan
Soke Yamada, 10th Dan - Shukokai - Japan
Sensei Kamohara, 8th Dan - Shukokai - France
Shihan Tony Grainger, 6th Dan – Shukokai - England
Kyoshi Bill Woodard, 7th Dan - Shito-Ryu - USA
Hanshi Rudy Crosswell, 10th Dan - Shito-Ryu - USA
Shihan Highsmith, 7th Dan - Goju-Ryu - USA
Shihan Yovany Aguero, Shito-Ryu - Aragua
Shihan Click, 5th Dan - Shito-Ryu - USA
Sensei Beveridge, 5th Dan - Shuko Kai, - England
Renshi Jordan, 5th Dan - Kyoshinkan, USA
Renshi Villarreal, 6th Dan, Shito-Ryu, USA

Soke Kozo Kuniba, 8th Dan - Shito-Ryu - Japan
Sensei Oshita, 7th Dan - Shukokai - Japan
Shihan Sensei Denis Casey, 7th Dan - Shukokai - England
Kyoshi Tamayose, 8th Dan - Teshikan - Okinawa
Hanshi George Alexander, 10th Dan - Shorin-Ryu - USA
Shihan Usera - 8th Dan - Jujitsu - USA
Kyoshi Darren Myers, 7th Dan - Shito-Ryu - USA
Kyoshi Louis Estes, 6th Dan - Shito-Ryu - USA
Sensei Baker, 4th Dan - Shurite Bujitsu Kai - USA
Sensei Chase, 5th Dan – Shito-Ryu, USA
Tashi Troy Price, 7th Dan - Shuri-te Jiu-Jitsu
7th Dan - Shuri-Te Karate
5th Dan - USA Jiu-Jitsu Federation
Chin-Na, Baguazhang, Qigong

As time goes on this list and I will continue to grow. A major difference between Black Belts is, one Black Belt continues to learn and grow whereas another Black Belt continuously repeats the same thing, never going outside his comfort zone. I am always a student first and have a passion for continuous learning and sharing.

Shihan Lynn Kureth’s philosophy: “The learning never ends; I am always a student first.”

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