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My time spent training in karatedo with Shihan Lynn Kureth and Minami Dojo has been very well spent. I began my training at the age of nine (9) at the Vineyards Park in Naples. I then continued to train with him even when he changed locations because I found his unique teaching style to be impeccable. He connected with each student and made them feel welcome and a part of a family. With the years I spent there, I have gained self discipline, physical strength, mental/emotional strength, and a place among many who I am lucky enough to call friends. Another benefit of training with Shihan Lynn Kureth is that even though I am a female, I was not treated any different from the male students. I learned just as much as they did, trained just as hard, and was held to the same high standards, which in turn allowed me to become a well rounded martial artist and reach the rank of Shodan in the seven years I trained there. All in all, I loved my time with Minami Dojo and would encourage any aspiring or interested martial artist to train with Shihan Lynn Kureth and Minami Dojo. Not only will you learn the exciting art of Karate-Do, but you will also gain great knowledge and wisdom for the life ahead of you.


Stephanie Lainez

    I have known Shihan Lynn Kureth since my daughter, Emily, first started taking karate classes with him in September 2003. I think he is not only an outstanding martial arts instructor but also an outstanding individual. When Emily started training I would watch his classes from the back of the room and could see the kindness and respect with which he instructs each of his students. His knowledge of the martial arts is unsurpassed by anyone in this area. Shihan Lynn takes the time to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each student and as a result is able to bring out the best in them. He has the ability to reach his pupils and guide them through their individual journey on their path to becoming proficient in karate-do. As a parent, I could see the confidence that he was able to impart upon his students as they rose through the ranks to become black belts. What was important to me was the fact that he not only taught self defense to his students, but he also incorporated life lessons like respect for others, discipline, integrity and honesty into his curriculum. He is an individual of strong moral character. I know the parents of his students have a tremendous amount of faith in him and trust him completely to keep their children safe. You might ask how is it that I know so much about Shihan Lynn, his teaching style and his ability to reach each individual? After watching his lessons for about a year I was so impressed by his classes that I also became his student. Even as an adult who has been through many of life’s experiences I was still able to learn many important lessons from him. Many of these lessons were applicable to life outside of the dojo. With respect to karate, he has guided me along my path to become a Sho Dan in Shito-Ryu Karate-do. I would recommend Shihan Lynn without reservation to anyone looking for an excellent karate instructor.

Sincerely yours,

Michael Caputo, MD

    My two children and I have been students of Minami Dojo for over seven years. We all started when Shihan Lynn was teaching at the Vinyards Park and have followed him to wherever Minami Dojo called home. We have learned so much and we are still learning - karate really is a lifelong journey. When Minami left the Vineyards, I asked my children what they wanted to do and without any hesitation, they both agreed that they wanted to continue learning karate do at Minami Dojo. We love how Shihan Lynn teaches and how everyone is like a big family and more than willing to help each other out. I also like that Minami's students range in age from very young to older adults, and we are all in one class learning the ways of budo together. This gives us all a chance to help each other as well as watch and learn from others. We are supremely confident in the self-defense skills that have been taught to us at Minami Dojo, and strongly encourage anyone looking for a great martial arts experience to give Shihan Lynn a try.

Julianne Morales and family

    I am a first degree black belt in Shito Ryu Karate. I have been training with Shihan Lynn Kureth since 2003, originally at the Vineyards Community Center, then Trade Center Way, and now Dance City Productions. My father and I both have followed Shihan Lynn wherever he has gone, and will continue to do so for as long as we continue doing karate. What makes Shihan Lynn so unique is his ability to balance authority with kindness - as his students, we know that he believes in us and wants us to succeed. At the same time, we understand that he expects nothing less than our best. In this way, children and adults alike respect and enjoy learning from him. I personally consider him as almost a second father, and I know many of his other students feel the same. He is always willing to help us any way he can, including driving me to class when we must find locations as far away as Ave Maria to train. I have attended karate classes with other instructors, and found that many of them lead by fear and intimidation. I distinctly remember crying at the age of 10 as a result of one such instructor, at the Vineyards Community Park. If not for Shihan Lynn, I likely would have quit then and there. As a graduate of the Class of 2012, I have had many teachers over the years. I have found that those who lead as Shihan Lynn does - where our respect is earned, not demanded - are by far the most effective. Shihan Lynn also is one of the most passionate instructors I have encountered, in that he is always learning new techniques to share with us. He uses every resource available to improve our training experience, even allowing us to attend some of the seminars he goes to. The fact that he is continuing his karate education, so that we in turn may benefit from his additional experience, goes to show how committed he is to quality karate training. For me, the best part of training with Shihan Lynn is the way he builds a community within our dojo. We have summer workouts on the beach followed by a potluck cookout each year, train together in the morning every Thanksgiving (if I can wake up!), black belt class followed by pizza night each month, Swamp Buggy parades, demos, and so much more. As part of Minami Dojo, I know that I can ask anyone there for help - whether with a "form", or "kata" in class, or even my college decisions outside of class! Most kids try many different kinds of sports, including karate, at some point. What really keeps us motivated and stops us from moving on to the next one is having an instructor who believes in you and supports you. I am certainly no exception. No matter how busy I got as a high school student, I have continued to train and be a part of Minami Dojo, all because of Shihan Lynn.

Emily Caputo


Mr. Hurley, on behalf of Ave Maria University Security I would like to thank you and your staff for volunteering your time and expertise in training our security officers in self defensive actions. The training will help in self confidence in knowing that an officer will have the capability in removing himself from a situation that holds the possibility of an injury occuring to the officer and an assailant.

Thank you,

Bradley Johnson
Asst. Director of Security
Ave Maria University


Dear Sensei Pat:

I was looking at the picture today that you took for me when our son became a black belt in your dojo. The picture brought back such great memories. Most importantly, I want you to know how much I appreciate the training and friendship that you have offered to us since he began in your dojo. If you only knew what a longshot we thought it would be that this student would even come back for the second lesson! I told him that I was making him go the first time and that if he wanted to call it quits that night he would never have to come back again. It has been more than three years since he joined your dojo. He looks forward to training at least twice a week and now he is a black belt who has confidence and poise that his mother and I never thought possible. He looks forward to training every week and has made terrific friends. All of this thanks to you.

I wholeheartedly recommend your methods and your skills to any parent who wants to get their child involved in this constructive art and discipline.

Thanks to you and your family,
Deacon Forrest Wallace


I feel very fortunate to have joined into the Minami Dojo family. My 9 year old son, Gibson, has been a Minami Dojo student for over 3 years. His karate training has not only made him physically stronger, but also has strengthened his mind and concentration skills. The team of black belt instructors led by Shihan Lynn Kureth have helped foster confidence, respect, and healthy competition in Gibson's life. These physical and mental skills served Gibson very well one day when he was attacked by a larger peer. As witnessed by teachers at school, Gibson gave 2 warnings and was patient with his attacker. When his warnings were ignored by the larger child, Gibson had no choice but to defend himself using his skills learned in karate class. From that day forward, no other child has tried to attack him again. Thank you, Lynn Kureth amd Minami Dojo for your guidance and training.

Jackie Ardoline


I have known and worked alongside Shihan Lynn Kureth 6thdan since 2008.I travel thousands of miles to teach and train alongside him. He has also travelled to England to share his outstanding knowledge of Kobudo weapons with my students in my dojo. To gain such knowledge and skill takes many years of diligent study and practice. I have found him to be a great friend and outstanding martial artist,a generous host and a man who exudes great spirit and integrity,something he passes on to his students….!

Tony Grainger

Assistant chief instructor, Shito-ryu Shukokai Union. U.K.

6th dan Japan Karate Federation.


We my daughter's and I began to train karate with Minami Dojo and Kobudo in 2010. What brought us to this traditional karate school, was the discipline, seriousness, dedication and respect that Shihan Lynn Kureth, give to all students and parents, encouraging the confidence in those practitioners of this martial art. Every day, I see the commitment that Shihan Kureth and advanced students put in every single class, making sure that every student learn the new techniques and improve in the basic techniques already learned. Shito Ryu Karate Do, had given to my daughter and myself, discipline and most important a sport to keep ourselves in health.


Carlos Materano


This is Sempai Antonio Baratta. I am currently a Shodan in the art of shito-ryu, and I have been attending Minami Dojo ever since I started karate. Every step of the way to my shodan-ho has created an incredible, unforgetful journey. My karate instructor, Shihan Lynn Kureth, supported me throughout the entire journey, and has helped me overcome many challenges along the way. I couldn't have possibly asked for a better karate instructor. Minami Dojo is surely the best dojo to train in the art of shito-ryu, and to have an amazing experience through the journey of karate.

Sempai Antonio Baratta


A Shodan in the art of Shito-ryu Karate-do, and currently a student at Minami Dojo, and since the age of eight, I have been attending the dojo for about eight years. It has definitely been a significant experience for me in my life, and my fellow classmates make the journey even more enjoyable. Shihan Lynn Kureth, Minami Dojo's instructor, has carved a permanent image for me as not only an expert in the field, but also a memorable person in my life. He has taught me a deluge of fighting and self-defense techniques that are quite unique among the dojo, as well as moral lessons about daily life. I highly recommend Minami Dojo to anyone looking to learn martial arts.

Sempai Dominick Baratta


I am a student in Minami Dojo. I am currently a 7th Kyu yellow belt. In the years my instructor, Shihan Lynn Kureth, has taught me the proper techniques to defend myself. Karate has taught me to do the correct blocking techniques, the correct ways to punch and kick, how to do take-downs and also respect, self-discipline and confidence. Shihan Lynn is an outstanding instructor, as he has been teaching karate for many years, and is very dedicated. Not only is it a class of students and teacher, but one big family. If anyone wants to learn karate, you should definitely go to Minami Dojo.

Andre Baratta, 7th Kyu

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